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AOK Feedback

AOK continually solicits and discusses program feedback received from our students, teachers, and our volunteers to help improve our services. We believe this is one of the best methods to help gauge our effectiveness.


“Andy has come a long way this year. He loves working with his mentor and has really been motivated to work hard in school. Thank you for your support.” 


“Mrs. E. has formed a strong, positive and meaningful relationship with Will. She has coached him on multiple skills and gone above and beyond to show her commitment to helping him succeed.I know Will enjoyed his time with his mentor."


""Student" was always excited to see his mentor.  He really benefits from having a mentor like Mrs. L.  She was very involved with his schoolwork and wanted to help him. It was very evident that she wanted the best for him."


""Student's" confidence and work ethic have improved. She is learning to respond better to adult directives even if she does not find them favorable.  The mentor played several games with her thereby broadening her understanding of cultures and dealing with competition and challenge. The program is very effective in providing students with a dependable individual that they can trust."


“I want to thank you for all of your continued support and assistance during Dan’s journey through elementary and transition into middle school. He always refers to you as his ‘best buddy.’ The time he has spent with you made a huge impact on him and we are forever grateful.”


“Gay was a great student to work with.  She always left with a smile on her face.  I learned a short time into our meetings that she barely speaks to most adults unless spoken to.  I was shocked to learn that her conversations with me were the most many had heard her speak.  I’m so glad that in the time I spent with her I gave her the initiative to speak and express herself.”


"I hope we can do it forever.” (Student 1)


“I would like to meet more often and I want you to stay longer.” (Student 2)


“I am happy I have a mentor.” (Student 3)

"Thank you for being with me these last 6 years. I will miss you and the gang (i.e., animals they included in stories they made up). I hope you will find another kid and change their life like you did to mine.” This student and mentor met actively from kindergarten through 5th grade.(Student 4)


Each of our volunteers has a story to tell from their experience with AOK. Here are just a few that we would like to share with you.

Danny and Mr. Al
"I am a mentor for a fourth grader named Danny". I meet with him in his regular classroom on Thursdays from about 2:30 to the end of the school day. Usually Danny is responsive to my encouragement to participate in the ongoing class activities such as reading (to me)."  continue reading
Leon and Mrs. H.
"When concerned about the never-ending series of “tall tales” I was hearing from the 2nd-grader whom I was mentoring, I tried different approaches, eventually hitting on a system that worked well for us."
continue reading
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