About A-OK


A-OK Mentoring & Tutoring exists to help Howard County elementary and middle school students succeed.



A-OK Mentoring-Tutoring, Inc. began in 2003 on a grassroots level and was entirely volunteer-driven. After many years, in 2009, the program incorporated and only recently has supported a small, part-time, staff to administer the program. Volunteerism is the foundation on which the organization is built and it is the consistency of an adult relationship that the volunteers bring that is the crucial ingredient to helping the students served succeed in school. 


Chaya Kaplan, MSW –Chaya is a retired pediatric social worker and parent educator.  She began mentoring children in 1970 and co-founded A-OK in 2003. Chaya recently retired as the Executive Director of the organization leaving a legacy of devotion to serving children in our community.

Our Students
  • can make good use of additional, dependable adult attention. 

  • may need improvement in academics, behaviors, social development, and/or self esteem. 

  • may be dealing with a stressful life situation (e.g. a seriously ill family member.)   ​

Our Volunteers
  • genuinely enjoy children and are interested in the success of all students.

  • are flexible, friendly and positive. 

  • can be counted on as safe, trustworthy adults (over age 21).

  • give 100% of their attention to the students when they are together. 

Our Board & Staff 


- Keith Lusby, President

- Jeff Plank, Treasurer

- Donna Lyman, Secretary

- Jonathan Nipper

- Schimri Yoyo


  • Rea Goldfinger, Administrator -  Rea is a lawyer by training and a retired Social Security Administration Analyst.  She has been with A-OK as a mentor for nine years.  She became the Administrator in 2011. Rea is part-time with A-OK. Email: Rea@aokmentor.org 

  • Amanda Mummert, Executive Director - Amanda is a licensed practical nurse with a master's degree in nonprofit management who is passionate about helping others succeed. Amanda is part-time with A-OK. Email: Amanda@aokmentor.org